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22 September 2011 @ 05:54 pm

1. All Night Long featuring Missy Elliott and Timbaland
2. Who's That Boy featuring Dev
3. You're My Only Shorty featuring Iyaz
4. Together featuring Jason Derulo
5. Lightweight
6. Unbroken
7. Fix A Heart
8. Hold Up
9. Mistake
10. Give Your Heart A Break
11. Skyscraper
12. In Real Life
13. My Love Is Like A Star
14. For The Love Of A Daughter
15. Skyscraper (Wizz Dumb Remix)

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First off, I'm so sorry for the year-long hiatus. I forgot about this community and about sharing my new CDs with others, so you have my deepest apologies. :(

Secondly, HOORAY! Demi Lovato is BACK and better than ever! I was wary of the first four tracks (especially #3), but they mostly delivered and Demi didn't stray too far from her rock style.
12 August 2010 @ 06:19 pm
01. Mister
02. Umbrella
03. Mister (Karaoke)
04. Mister (Original Korean Version)
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BEST FUCKIN FIVE. That is all.

Please comment when downloading. :)
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  01. Shakespeare no Wasuremono ~Prologue~
02. Kajitsu no Keikoku
03. Dokushouka Himegimi
04. twinkle star!
05. Toumei no Kagi
06. Marmalade Sky
07. Kuroneko to Pianist no Tango
08. Princess Charleston
09. Tree of Sorrow
10. celmisia
11. Otome no March
12. Shakespeare no Wasuremono ~Epilogue~
13. Shoujo Jikake no Libretto ~Storytelling by solita~
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Download FLAC (coming soon)

This is Kanon's long-awaited comeback, and it's miles better than her debut album. It has a lot more variety!! Definitely a recommended download. :)

Please comment when you download. :)
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12 February 2010 @ 06:10 pm

1. Be nice to everyone here. No wank shall be tolerated.
2. No claiming my rips as yours. I rip in a specific format. I won't go hunt you down, but I will have a very sad face.
3. Comments are appreciated very muchly.


I rip my CDs in FLAC using Exact Audio Copy, and use MediaMonkey to make separate V0 VBR conversions for the masses.
I don't buy CDs all that often, so don't expect this place to be a CD-rip factory.
Entries will be public for a month, after that they are locked. Join the community to access them then.


Here, have the Hydrogen Audio wiki on V0 VBR and FLAC. But if that's too tl;dr for you:

V0 VBR - Variable bit rate means that the bitrate is based on the amount of bits in the actual audio file, and thus the end result in the V0 VBR mp3 file is unpredictable. Due to this bitrate being based on audio's actual bits, the file size is a LOT smaller and the quality is a LOT better than 320.

FLAC - FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Compression. Lossless compresses the audio straight from the CD, kinda like a ZIP/RAR file, but no actual loss of data is done, as opposed to lossy (mp3, AAC, etc.). This, of course, means that the file size is about 2-3 times larger than a lossy file, BUT the sound quality is superior.


Don't ask me to rip in 320, and definitely don't ask me to rip in ALAC (Apple Lossless). You want 320, make requests in another community that can do all that for you, and if you want ALAC, buy the CD and rip it in iTunes yourself.


Have a happy music day!